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More and more compression

I am visiting more and more homes to see immobile patients for Medical Compression stockings. I measure their legs, order stockings from a doctor's referral, then teach the care giver how to put the stockings on. The stockings act as a muscle pump for the blood flow to go back up to the heart. They have a graduated pressure from the ankle (tightest) to the calf muscles of the lower legs (less compression) up to the thigh (least compression) or below the knee.

November is Diabetes month

November is Diabetes month and I am booking Employee Health & Wellness complimentary seminars. So far I have visited Atomic Energy, K.I. Pembroke, Pembroke Regional Hospital, Marianhill and November 14 is booked with a Pharmacy.

We discuss footwear, foot problems, diabetes, available aids through work, and participate in simple daily exercises for work and home that can be done sitting or standing. Handouts are distributed to participants.

Compression For Pregnancy

My annual Medical Compression course to be a Certified Fitter, really emphasized the travel market and pregnancy for leg wellness. Travelers always come to me before taking a trip and ask me to help them with leg fatigue and walking.

Also, many pregnant women try to work as long as they can with the added pressure and weight on their varicose veins. Compression makes a big difference. It is also a preventative measure for standing or sitting all day, even in a wheelchair.