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November is Diabetes Month

How are your feet?
This month, November, is Diabetes month. Let me take care of your feet, assess them, look at your medication and lifestyle, your footwear, and have you walk across a pressure mat to see the mechanics of HOW you walk. Then we can prescribe diabetic orthotics to reduce your foot pressure. We are Providers for Veterans Affairs Canada with orthotics.

Medical Insurance and Orthotics

With a doctor referral, most medical health plans will cover orthotics.
We will help submit your insurance claim so it will be hassle-free.
Sun Life, Manulife (AECL), OTIP (teachers), Blue Cross Veterans, RGH (Hospital), KI Pembroke, Marianhill, Province of Ontario etc. all have orthotic coverage with a doctor referral.
Let us do the footwork for you when it comes to insurance claims!