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Medical Insurance and Orthotics

With a doctor referral, most medical health plans will cover orthotics.
We will help submit your insurance claim so it will be hassle-free.
Sun Life, Manulife (AECL), OTIP (teachers), Blue Cross Veterans, RGH (Hospital), KI Pembroke, Marianhill, Province of Ontario etc. all have orthotic coverage with a doctor referral.
Let us do the footwork for you when it comes to insurance claims!

Employee Wellness Seminars!

Take advantage of free employee wellness seminars at your place of work.
I will travel to you and demonstrate exercise tips for staff on the job. Whether you stand all day, sit all day, wear heels and a dress, or safety boots and coveralls, I can show you daily exercises to incorporate into your work or home chores.
It is a matter of performing your tasks properly to conserve energy and not get injured.
Give me a call, Jane at 613-735-4007.

What's new?

New Comfortmaxx orthotic just launched. It has 100% merino wool top cover.
Medical Compression stockings and diabetic socks available.
38 Years in Kinesiology!!
Foot Care seminar for 12 Marianhill nurses, Algonquin College graduates.
Employee Health & Wellness seminars from North Bay to Ottawa!
Call for a foot & leg assessment. 613-735-4007 or email me at jane@wefixfeet.ca