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Foot Care Complimentary Seminars

15 minutes to one hour foot care seminars have participants learn daily exercise tips to do at work and home, whether you are sitting at a computer or standing all day. The key is to integrate the proper way to perform daily tasks to avoid injury and use it as exercise at the same time.
I will come to your workplace for these seminars and let employees know what is out there for help from your employers and medical plans.
Call Jane at 613-735-4007.

Winter blahs

Good Thursday morning,
Tired and restless staying indoors?
Why not think of indoor activities? There is swimming, fitness centres, Petawawa Dundonald Hall walking, Pembroke Memorial Centre walking, and absolutely free at home...turn up the music and dance! It can be your own personal work-out at home. Why not try it?
Beat those winter blahs!