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Diabetes Education Foot Care Inservice

Pembroke Regional Hospital is hosting a Renfrew County Diabetes foot care inservice.
Key topics will include lesions, corns or warts, ulcers, footwear, neuropathy of the feet, nail pathologies and strapping/padding techniques to offload lesions.
I will be bringing my diabetic orthotic samples and explaining my pressure mat that shows high pressure areas on the moving foot and how orthotics can help offload these areas.

Pressure mat for Diabetes

I use a pressure mat to see where hot spots are on your feet as you walk. This is a great tool for people with diabetes who lose sensation on the bottom of their feet. I also do housecalls and diabetic clinics at pharmacies.
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January 2014

What are you going to start, change, fix, or do?
We have helped clients from age 3 to 93 with foot pain and increased mobility for 16 years now.
Feet influence running, daily walking, diabetes, knees, hips, and back pain.
Come in for a foot and gait assessment and get your body's full picture.
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