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Compression Compression

What is medical compression?
They are stockings and socks with graduated pressure, mmHg, millimetres of mercury, to help the muscles pump the blood through the veins up the legs towards the heart.
So who needs these?
People who sit all day.
People who stand all day.
People who travel.
People with varicose veins, edema, post surgery swelling, leg and foot ulcers, tired, fatigued legs.
We need a referral from a doctor to put medical stockings through your insurance plan.
Call us to talk. 613-735-4007.

Holiday Season

Now that the snow is here, we tend to be shovelling and more physical. Treat shovelling like a work-out. Warm up and stretch your arms, bend your knees and squeeze your abdominals. Change sides with the shovel so you don't fatique one side. Don't tell me everyone uses a snow blower now! Still, if you are doing a repetitive motion over and over again, stop, stand up straight, then continue activity.