JANE LOFTUS, Owner & Operator of Loftus Foot Care Clinic, now LOFTUS MOBILE ORTHOTICS since 1997, is an ORTHOTIC SPECIALIST. Jane is a Registered Kinesiologist (R. Kin.) and has a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree in Honours Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, and a Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) degree from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario. Jane is an ORTHOTIC CLINICIAN SPECIALIST and CERTIFIED FITTER of Medical Compression socks and stockings.

Jane’s specialty is computer designed orthotics. These prescription, custom made orthotic insoles worn in shoes, are designed from the patient’s dynamic walking pattern across a computer mat. The computer image of the moving feet shows high pressure spots, muscle imbalances and high or flat arches that can be corrected with prescription orthotics, relieving foot, knee and back pain.

Loftus Mobile Orthotics has diabetic, arthritic, dress, fashion, sport, children’s, special needs and sandal orthotics. We also have diabetic socks with silver thread, mild compression and medical grade compression stockings, and plantar fasciitis night braces.

Jane can submit medical insurance claims for Orthotics, for Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) claims, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claims, and Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC), as well as submit for medical compression stockings for Greenshields, Canadian Forces (CF) and Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC).

Let us do the footwork for you!