Compression Socks & Stockings

Step into a healthy future!

Jane Loftus is a Certified Fitter with Venosan Canada and Valco-Mediven Canada for Medical Compression Socks & Stockings for circulatory and venous disorders, Varicose Veins, Edema (swelling, water retention) and pregnancy. Loftus Mobile Orthotics has preventative mild compression to medical grade and Custom Made Compression Stockings with full measurement and fitting lesson. (See Videos). Jane also has Stocking aids for getting stockings on and off. (See Videos).

By age 50, 70% of women and 50% of men will be afflicted with Varicose Veins. Compression Socks & Stockings can be used for travel, pregnancy, swelling, post surgery, standing long hours, sitting long hours, varicose veins and sports. With a doctor referral, Compression Stockings can be claimed on extended medical health insurance with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Manulife, Sun Life, Great-West Life, Blue Cross Veterans (VAC), Canadian Forces (CF), Greenshields, OTIP, Johnson’s, NIHB, etc.

Diabetic Socks

Loftus Mobile Orthotics has quality diabetic sock lines, fully cushioned, non constricting, silver thread and mild compression with a doctor referral.